Youth & Pro Training

Unlock potential with Youth and Pro training at CAPE Athletics. Tailored for young talent and aspiring pros to sharpen skills, speed, and agility.

Competitive boxing

Step into the ring with our Competitive training. Designed for those ready to challenge their limits and dominate in boxing.

Adult & HIIT Training

Elevate your fitness with Adult & HIIT training programs. Experience high-intensity workouts that boost endurance, strength, and health.

Athletic optimization

A full body workout designed to ramp up baseline fitness.

At CAPE Athletics, we’re passionate about building a solid fitness foundation with our full-body workouts. Our tailored programs, including Speed & Agility, HIIT, and Olympic Weightlifting, are crafted to enhance your baseline fitness, ensuring improvements in balance, strength, and movement for a healthier, more vibrant life.

For your kids

Youth Training

Empowering young athletes through dynamic training to boost speed, agility, and confidence. Solid foundation for lifelong fitness.

For your teens

Pro Training

Advanced training for elite athletes focused on maximizing performance. Tailored sessions enhance skill, strength, and readiness.

For you

Adult & HIIT

Invigorating HIIT and adult fitness classes designed to challenge and improve overall health. Suitable for all levels seeking transformation.

For Everyone

Competitive boxing

Intense boxing program for those serious about the ring. Master technique, defense, and offense for competitive success.

For Seniors

Senior Fitness Class

Tailored for longevity, mobility, and heart health in a supportive, community-focused environment.


Grab your cape athletics branded gear:

Show your CAPE Athletics pride with our exclusive branded gear. From tees and hoodies to tanks and shirts, each piece is designed to inspire excellence and camaraderie among our community. Gear up to make a statement, both in and out of the gym.


Here's what our athletes say about our training programs:

Our athletes’ success stories are a testament to our commitment at CAPE Athletics. They’ve seen remarkable transformations in strength, agility, and confidence, fueling a community spirit that motivates everyone to push beyond their limits.

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