Competitive Boxing

CAPE (Complete Athletic Performance Engineering) Athletics® is a full-body workout designed to ramp up baseline fitness through continuous cycles of intensity progressions that improve balance, strength, and movement.
Competitive Boxing Classes

Step into the Ring with cape athletics.

Dive into the world of Competitive Boxing at CAPE Athletics, where the fusion of strength, strategy, and speed comes to life in every punch. Our program is meticulously crafted for youth, adults, and seniors, aiming to introduce novices to the sweet science of boxing while refining the skills of seasoned fighters. Here, boxing is not just about physical prowess but the art of combat, mental agility, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Through rigorous training, technical drills, and sparring sessions, our athletes learn to dance around their opponents, land precise punches, and defend with finesse.

Embrace the challenge of Competitive Boxing, where every class is a step towards mastering your craft under the guidance of expert coaches. Our program highlights include developing formidable footwork, explosive power, and unshakable defense techniques. Train in an environment that breathes boxing, with a community that pushes you to be your best.

Whether you’re eyeing amateur competitions or dreaming of professional bouts, our classes are your gateway to becoming a confident, capable, and competitive boxer.

Why choose cape athletics

Your Corner in the World of Boxing.

At CAPE Athletics, Competitive Boxing is more than a program; it’s a journey towards achieving personal greatness in and out of the ring. Our holistic approach ensures balanced development, focusing equally on technique, physical conditioning, and mental fortitude. We pride ourselves on creating champions, but more importantly, we build character, resilience, and respect for the sport and its traditions.

Choosing CAPE means stepping into a legacy of boxing excellence, where every training session is an opportunity to surpass your limits. Our tailored programs cater to all levels, guided by a philosophy that melds traditional boxing wisdom with innovative training methods.

This is where potential is transformed into prowess, and athletes become champions.

Our coaches

Coached by the Best to Become the Best.

At the heart of our Competitive Boxing classes are our coaches—experienced, passionate, and dedicated to your success. With backgrounds spanning amateur championships to professional rings, they bring a wealth of knowledge and personal insights to every session.

Our coaches are more than instructors; they’re mentors who provide the technical, strategic, and emotional support needed to navigate your boxing journey. With CAPE Athletics, you’re not just training; you’re being sculpted into a competent, confident boxer ready to dominate the ring.

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We’re working on headshots and bios for all of our coaches!

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